Sunday, November 29, 2009

The American Teenager doesn't like labs. Or tsunami's.

Date: 11/29/09
Time: 1:02 pm
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Ugh. I hate hate HATE labs. My earth science teacher assigned us a lab over thanksgiving break. WHO DOES THAT???
It's a lab about the 2004 Sumatra Tsunami. One of the ?s is how many casualties were there. Well, first off, they'll never know, and second, WHO WANTS TO ADD DEATHS?
The Pre-mentioned teacher assigned us a test on Wednesday. SO DID MY MATH TEACHER. AND MY SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER. Jeez.
But off my rant. Happy Thanksgivin! I stayed at home, with my family, cousins and g'parents. Non-eventful. No black friday shopping, i was NOT in the mood. mostly just hanging out. I'm super excited for sixth grade play rehearsal bc we're prob teaching our special dance. AND GUESS WHAT? WE GET 2 MORE! thats just as many as the main choreographers. i think the director wants us to be like, co-co-co-co choreographers. hahhahahahahahaah. well, i have to go figure out this sumatra lab with all the kids in my class on facebook.
The american Teenager

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