Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Week Of 11/21/09

Date: 11/21/09
Time: 6:09 pm
Mood: Peaceful
Current Style: Lazy
Current Food-Obsession: French Vanilla ice cream and caramel
Song of the Day: Down by Jay Sean

What should be the most up and out day of a teenagers life, Saturdays are usually pretty calm for me. Maybe I'll go shopping or have an occasional bat mitzvah, i like to celebrate the end of a week every Friday. Last night was spent choreographing my special dance with one of my best friends. You see, i am a thespian and preform in my school's musical every year. This year, i offered to help the director with the sixth grade show. I am co-assistant with the pre mentioned bff, and the co-choreographers (two ninth graders who i am also friends with) let us make up one dance, a duet. So that might be a typical Friday for me, but my favorite Fridays are a little different (and less painful!)
When you are in the 99th percentile in ways of income in the wold, you find yourself in classy towns full of popular girls who love nothing more than to make a scene. I settle with a different crowd. I like to call us the "classies." We are semi-popular and often have friends ranging from the nerds, to the weirdos to the populars to the jocks. Most of us are well brought up, but very thankfull and polite. Once a month, i go out with two of my fellow classies on a friday night. We go to the Plaza (the plaza has a movie theatre, a few nice restaurants and a few crap restaurants, shopping and ice cream) and enjoy ourselves. We've gone to Japanese and Italian, and to movies and ice cream, but our next date (Dec 4) will be our casual date, holiday shopping at Barnes and Noble and dinner and desert at Applebee's, in sweats and uggs.
Living such fabulous Fridays put a damper on a girl's Saturday, so i find myself at home with a movie, (27 dresses, My fave!) my french vanilla, and a guilty conscience due to my not so great math grade. (hey, when you are taking a ninth grade honers class with a regents and the end, and your only in eighth grade, things are difficult!) So vale for now (my latin teacher told me to study!) and please comment, i'll be on all night, i'm dead bored.
The American Teenager

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