Friday, June 4, 2010

The American Teenager detests New York state regences.

Date: 6/4/10
Time: 8:49 pm
Mood: dulled
Current style: Whatever i put on after swimming
Current Food-Obsession: Crepes.
Song of the Day: Speechless by Lady Gaga
Today was fun fun fun. I went swimming with a few of my classies after walking home from school. We also started shooting for our new music video for Lady Gaga's "Telephone." Then I went home and played scrabble. Then i ate, and went to the grocery store. Now I'm watching the National Spelling bee. We took a regents review math quiz today, and my teacher said we did TERRIBLE. People got like, 20 out of 40. Luckily, the American teenager got a 36 out of 40. (hehehe, sucka's!!!) This leads me into my regentses. Regents's regentsi regentsae? Ok, my math regents and my Earth Science regents. Here's the deal, I HAVE TO DO WELL. Like, getting below 90's on either isn't an option. We got regents review books, and this stuff is difficult. MEHHH. But it IS a friday and i'm most certainly not here to mope, so i'm going to go hang out and.... well anyway Please Please Please wish me luck, y'all.
The American Teenager

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