Friday, June 11, 2010

American teenager is sleepy...and remembering.

Date: 6/11/10
Time: 9:19 pm
Current style: Theme park
Current Food-Obsession: Cotton Candy
Song of the Day: Solo, I-Yaz
Today we went to a theme park for the end of school... and IT WAS soooo TIRING!
But... I'm really here to chronicle one of THE best nights of my life. I got a call from one of my classies, and she got tickets to a huge concert that has been sold out for months, and it was on a school night, my mom would never let me go except for the fact we had BACKSTAGE PASSES!!!!!! So i went with her and another classy to a local hotel where we met _____'s manager!! he gave us the passes and when we were leaving, we got a flat tire... :( But we made it there eventually, and it was soo cool! ____was so nice and we got pictures with him and a bunch of other stars. we ended up staying way late, like 11 o clock, but it was well worth it :)
The American Teenager.

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